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Welcome to my website. My name is Richie and I like to think of myself as a sports analyst. By that I mean that I analyse trends and try to find out if there are ways in which I can make a profit from my findings – hence the name “trendyrich” for my website. On here you will see my analysis and also the results. I am not a tipster, nor am I promoting a guaranteed way of making money, all I do is share ways to try and help increase the chances of finding winners.

When I started this site in 2014, I never thought that it would become such a big part of my life. I have a full time job and maintain around 400 pages on this site so there will be the occasional mistake. My apologies in advance for any such errors and I hope that it does not spoil your viewing experience. Any of the ads on my site are only there to try and recoup some of the financial cost of sharing this information with you, so far I have yet to receive any money from Google ads etc but this is not why I do this. I enjoy horse racing, I am a statistician and enjoy challenges. If you would like to help out and click on a few ads, then thank you.

buy brand priligy ** Site under maintenance, some pages may not be up to date. My apologies for this. **
Saturday 20th October 2018
watch Queen Elizabeth Stakes – Yet to be analysed
Champion Sprint Stakes – Yet to be analysed
Champion Stakes – Yet to be analysed
Champion Fillies and Mares Stakes – Yet to be analysed
Champions Long Distance Cup – Yet to be analysed

Saturday 27th October 2018
Racing Post Trophy – Yet to be analysed
Horris Hill Stakes – Yet to be analysed
St Simon Stakes – Yet to be analysed

Sunday 28th September 2018
Monets Garden Old Roan Chase – Yet to be analysed

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My website also gives some advice on betting strategy and getting the most from your bets. I will be trying to add to these sections as time goes on.

The trends listings on this site are the results of my analysis of the previous results from races with history over at least the last 10 years. These trends ideally will help us to identify the number of potential winners in future runnings of the same races. For example, if 13 of the last 14 winners of a certain race were found to have run within the last 52 days, then the assumption is that the winner of the race next time will also be the same and had it’s last race within the same timeframe. Any entries for the race that last ran more than 52 days ago will be removed from the list of runners. The idea is that only those runners which follow the trends I find will remain on the listing hopefully with the winner coming from that listing making it easier to make your selection.

Racing IndexThe whole idea behind my trends analysis is to offer a reduced field for us punters to select from in the hope that the winner will come from the list of entries that remain. If the likely number of runners in a race will be around 20-25 then hopefully the after applying the trends analysis the listing could contain around 5-6 entries and the winner will be amongst them. A lot of punters would like to find a way of taking out the “hard work of analysis” making the selection process much less difficult. This way we are not just picking horses at random, but given information like the trends analysis, we can use it to select from the few entries that remain rather than all review all 20-25 runners.

As long as a consistently high amount of winners come from the reduced listing after the trend analysis, then there is the hope that we can turn this into a money making situation. I will also try to analyse the odds of these horses as the day of the race approaches in order to try and identify any significant market moves. Hopefully this will help to identify a good stream of winners as well and a nice little profit.

Analysis of races can be seen by using the links at the top of this page, simply click on a link to view my analysis and see which horses are following the trends.

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope that I have helped you in some way. Please come back again soon.