Football bets

Using a mixture of the staking strategies, I will be placing the following bets for my football selections. There are 2 elements to my bets, the first is a pair of “bankers” and the other are selections that will be added to the bankers to make up permutations (accumulators) for low stakes in order to aim at trying to get a big win or two. The idea is to keep ticking over with regular returns from the bankers and hopefully get one or two big wins during the season.

The tables below will show the bankers and other teams separately, there will be two bankers each weekend and the other teams will make the total up to 6 selections in all, e.g. there are 2 bankers there will be 4 other selections. The banker table will show the selections for the week coming up and running totals for my nominated banker bets, i.e. a £10 double.

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Table for 2018/2019 season using a strategy of a £10 banker double and £20 perm bets.

Sep 22nd+£7.76+£1.46+£9.22+£31.19
Sep 15th+£24.20+£54.94+£79.14+£21.97
Sep 8thInternationalWeekendNoBets
Sep 1st-£10.00-£14.12-£24.12-£54.17
Aug 25th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00-£33.05
Aug 18th+£7.50+£13.47+£20.97-£3.05
Aug 11th-£10.00-£14.02-£24.02-£24.02

Table for 2017/2018 season using a strategy of a £10 banker double and £20 perm bets.

Apr 28th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00+£84.92
Apr 21st-£10.00-£11.91-£21.91+£114.92
Apr 14th+£7.50-£20.00-£12.50+£136.83
Apr 7th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00+£149.33
Apr 2nd+£13.40-£9.70+£3.70+£179.33
Mar 31st+£9.60+£61.18+£70.78+£175.63
Mar 24th-£10.00-£12.69-£22.69+£104.85
Mar 17th-£10.00-£14.79-£24.79+£127.54
Mar 10th-£10.00-£9.21-£19.21+£152.33
Mar 3rd+£11.00+£15.95+£26.95+£171.54
Feb 24th+£16.60-£20.00-£3.40+£144.59
Feb 17th+£20.00-£12.94+£7.06+£147.99
Feb 10th+£8.06-£16.39-£8.33+£140.93
Feb 3rd+£6.67+£11.33+£18.00+£149.26
Jan 27th+£16.73-£20.00-£3.27+£131.26
Jan 20th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00+£134.53
Jan 13th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00+£164.53
Jan 6th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00+£194.53
Jan 1st+£27.58-£4.34+£23.24+£224.53
Dec 30th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00+£201.29
Dec 26th+£13.83+£147.55+£161.38+£231.29
Dec 23rd-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00+£69.91
Dec 16th+£17.60+£26.20+£43.80+£99.91
Dec 9th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00+£56.11
Dec 2nd+£10.86+£28.89+£39.75+£86.11
Nov 25th-£10.00-£14.97-£24.97+£46.36
Nov 18th-£10.00-£15.03-£30.00+£71.33
Nov 11th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00+£96.36
Nov 4th+£10.22+£5.00+£15.22+£126.36
Oct 28th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00+£111.14
Oct 21st+£14.00-£13.70+£0.30+£141.14
Oct 14th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00+£140.84
Oct 7th-£10.00-£6.97-£16.97+£170.84
Sep 30th+£15.28+£338.62+£353.90+£187.81
Sep 23rd-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00-£166.09
Sep 16th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00-£136.09
Sep 9th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00-£106.09
Sep 2nd+£33.91-£20.00+£13.91-£76.09
Aug 25th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00-£90.00
Aug 19th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00-£60.00
Aug 12th-£10.00-£20.00-£30.00-£30.00