Useful Advice

This page is designed to help you in your quest to make some money. The advice given here comes from my own experiences and is fairly straight forward. If you need any clarification on what is posted here then leave a comment below.

Best Odds Guaranteed
Use a bookmaker which guarantees the best odds will be given to you. This means that if you take a price with the bookie and your selection then wins at a higher, you will get the higher price. For example, if you place a £10 bet on a horse at 5/2 and it wins with a Starting Price (SP) of 100/30, then it is worth an extra £8.33.
The payout for £10 at 5/2 is £35.00
The payout for £10 at 100/30 is £43.33
The difference is £8.33

What happens if the SP is lower than 5/2 ? Quite simply – nothing. You still get paid out at 5/2.

Finding The Best Odds
Don’t be afraid of opening more than one bookmaker account online, as this will help you to get the best price for your selection.
There are sites where you can compare the prices being offered. The Racing Post website offers a good service here which means that you can view the form as well as the latest odds all on the same website. In the example below you can see that the prices for EPIC BATTLE range from 13/2 to 9/1.

Racing Odds

The payout if a £10 bet is placed on this horse and it wins, will differ by £25 as 13/2 returns £75 whereas 9/1 returns £100.

Multiple Bets – Shop Around For Odds
Just like in the previous section, try to look for the best odds for you multiple bets too, however it is not quite as straight forward as with single bets. This is because the best combined odds may not contain any of the best single odds. That sounds a little odd so let me explain a bit more…
Imagine that you pick 3 horses and you look at the odds for each of them with 4 bookmakers…
Bookmaker A gives the following odds     #1  15/8   #2  15/2     #3  11/4
Bookmaker B gives the following odds     #1  9/4     #2  13/2     #3  3/1
Bookmaker C gives the following odds     #1  15/8    #2  13/2     #3  100/30
Bookmaker D gives the following odds     #1  2/1      #2  7/1       #3  3/1

The best odds for each selection are in bold and as you can see, none are highlighted for Bookmaker D but those odds give the best treble payout.
Bookmaker A treble pays £906.40 for a £10 stake
Bookmaker B treble pays £910.00 for a £10 stake
Bookmaker C treble pays £934.38 for a £10 stake
Bookmaker D treble pays £960.00 for a £10 stake

Nice payouts admittedly but why settle for less ? Use the internet to show you where the best collective odds are.

Did you know?
You don’t have to stake a lot of money to win a fortune. One bet that I have had a lot of fun with over the years is the Goliath. What’s that? It is a bet where you pick 8 selections and they are covered with all the perms from doubles to to an 8 selection accumulator. In total that means 247 bets…
28 x doubles
56 x trebles
70 x fourfolds
56 x fivefolds
28 x sixfolds
8 x sevenfolds
1 accumulator

OK, 247 bets means that the stakes need to be kept low. If you placed a 2p e/w/ Goliath bet it would cost you £4.94 for the win part and £4.94 for the place part, which means the bet costs £9.88. A tenner and you have an interest in 8 races. Sure, a 2p each way bet does not sound like it will win you much but you would be surprised by some of the possibilities.

If you staked 2p e/w and all selection were to place at 5/1 with a place paying 1/5th of the odds, then you would get a return of £130.88 !! If you are lucky enough to get 3 winners then your return increases to £137.36, not much difference you might say but if you get 5 winners the return starts getting a lot biiger at £466.40. Ultimately if you get all 8 winners at 5/1 then you stand to win £115,416.04 and from a bet that gives you change from a tenner. Not bad eh?